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  • Do I need an appointment?  An appointment is best.  You can check my availability or make an appointment online by using the BOOK NOW buttons .

  • Can I bring someone with me? Absolutely! I know bringing family and/or friends to a doctor's appointment can be difficult, inconvenient or sometimes not allowed by some facilities.  Over the Moon was created as the place to be able to share that experience with your loved ones. 6 to 8 guests can sit comfortably in our room. 

  • Do I need a full bladder?   A full bladder is very helpful for imaging for the earlier stages of pregnancy. I usually recommend 20 weeks or earlier. Drinking water and staying hydrated is important throughout the pregnancy. Proper hydration helps maintain the amniotic fluid level needed for baby's well being.  Good amniotic fluid level is also the KEY to a successful 3D/4D scan. 

  • Should I eat before or after my visit?    I recommend eating before your visit.  Typically eating helps to encourage baby's movement during the scan.

  • What payment types do you accept?   I accept credit/debit cards and cash.  Please note that all prices are before tax.

  • Where are you located?   I am located at 450 US 431 Boaz, AL 35956.  I'm between Boaz Glass and Family Security Bank

  • How far along do I need to be to determine a gender?  We perform gender scans at 16 weeks and greater.

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